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Curriculum Vitae

Clio Muses

Academic Preparation

Ph.D. (ABD), Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1977.
M. A., History, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1973.
B. A., History, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1971.
A. A. Concordia College, Bronxville, New York, 1965.

Dissertation Topic

"The Ninth Century Polyptyques: A Computer Based Quantitative Analysis."
Committee: Professors Norman J. G. Pounds, Arthur R. Hogue, William B. Cohen, and Kirk Roberts.

Areas of Concentration in Graduate Study

Major: Medieval European History.
Inside Minor: Early Modern European History.
Inside Minor: Modern European History.
Outside Minor: Economics.
Research Interests: Quantitative Economic History.

Honors and Fellowships

National Merit Scholar.
Dean’s List.
Four consecutive Indiana University Teaching Assistant Fellowships, 1973-1975.

Continuing Education Experience

Enrolled at Ohio Dominican College pursuing the required 24 hours of education courses for secondary teacher certification in Ohio.

College Teaching Experience

Indiana University:

Grader, Medieval History, 1972-1973.
Associate Instructor: Classical Greek History, Fall Semester, 1973.
Associate Instructor: Medieval European History II, Spring Semester, 1974.
Associate Instructor: American History I, Fall Semester, 1974.
Associate Instructor: American History II, Spring Semester, 1975.

Other Teaching Experience

Substitute high school history teacher:
Spencer-Owen Community Schools, Spencer, Indiana, 1973-1977.
Reynoldsburg City School System, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 1996-2000.

United States Army:

Lead Staff Rides at Gettysburg and Antietam for general officers and Senior DoD War College Students.
Lecturer: “The Lorraine Campaign”, Command and General Staff College.

Business: Developed and presented the following courses, including texts, multi-media products and workshops for Yellow Freight Systems, Inc.:
Quality Control Systems. 1987-1991.
Statistical Process Control, 1987-1991.
Computer Training, 1992-1994.
Process Training, 1995-2004
Training Coordinator, 1995-1996.

Research Achievements

Military Historian, United States Army Reserve, 1981-1995.
Numerous Department of Army History Research Projects such as:
“Historical Field Collection, Vietnam, 1965-1971”;
“Manpower Utilization, 83rd Infantry Division, World War II.”

United States Army Military History Institute:

Bibliography: “1st Armor Division.”

Completed Oral History Field Collection Research Projects:

Operation Just Cause, 1989-1990.
Operation Desert Storm/Shield, 1990-1991.
Joint Task Force 6, 1995.

Commander 326th Military History Detachment, 1987-1992.

Researcher for Plans and Policy (J-5), United States Atlantic Command, 1995.
University Service

Undergraduate Curriculum Development Committee, Indiana University, 1972-1973.
Graduate Representative, Faculty Senate, Indiana University, 1974.
History Department Registration Representative, 1972-1975.

Academic Employment

Acquisitions Editor, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana, 1975-1981.
Responsible for acquiring and publishing scholarly works in history and allied fields.
Grants and Funding Officer.
Regional Campus Liaison.

Foreign Languages

Latin, Greek, and German.

Current Areas of Research

American Military History
United States Army National Guard
Research Methodology
Apps and E-Books

Work in Progress

Manuscript: The Modern History of the Army National Guard: 1903 to 2001.
Manuscript: Guidons! Guidons!: Task Force 2-34 and The Defeat of the Republican Guards.
Manuscript: Desert Storm: Voices from the Desert: An Oral History.
Manuscript: American Military History: A Researcher’s Handbook.
Development: Apps for Staff Rides


Ohio State Substitute Teaching Certificate, 1996-.
Instructional Systems Development Developer Track, United States Army, Ft. Harrison,
Indiana, 1983.


The Kelton House,, 2011 - present.

Related Experience

RETO Project Officer for multi-million dollar educational development project to integrate history into United States Army Officer Education Program, 1981-1983.

Panel Member, TRADOC Army History Essay Contest, 1982.


“The History of Logistics in the United States Army,” Officers’ Call, 83rd ARCOM, 1988.
“The Spanish-American War: Who did take San Juan Hill?” New Albany High School, New Albany, Ohio, 1989.
“The Civil War and AirLand Battle.”, Officers Call, 83rd ARCOM, 1990.
“Army Historians at Work in Desert Storm,” Various High Schools , Historical Societies and Civic Associations, 1991-1993.
“Field Collection Methodology.” United States Army History Conference, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, 1992.
“Women Soldiers in Desert Storm,” Daughters of the American Revolution, 1994, Columbus, Ohio.
“Cuba in the Twentieth Century”, United States Atlantic Command, 1996, Akron, Ohio.
“Clio in the Desert: U. S. Army Field Historical Collection Methodology, Operation Desert Storm”, Making Military History: Process and Problems Panel, Society for Military History, 16 April 1999, Penn State University.
“How Modern is Modern War?”, The Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky, 7 April 2000, International Security Panel.
"What Went Wrong in Vietnam?", H-War Internet E-Colloquium, 23 April 2001.
"The Theory of Historical Field Collection Activities," 2001 Military History Operations Workshop, Department of the Army, 19 May 2001, Headquarters United States Army Forces Command, Atlanta, Georgia.
"The National Guard as Community, 1903-2008", Session 7-6, Changing Role of the Militia and National Guard, Society for Military History 2009 Annual Conference, 2-5 April 2009, Murfreesboro, TN.


‘The Will to Win and the Quality Triad”. Distribution Monthly, October, 1988.
“Quality and the Customer’s Viewpoint”, Distribution Monthly, November, 1988.
“Why We Won: A Quality Manager’s View of Desert Storm’. ASQC Section 0801 Newsletter, Winter, 1992.
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Interviewed by Tom Ricks, Staff Writer, Washington Post, for his "In the South, U. S. Faces a Guerrilla War: New Phase of Afghan Fight Will be Murkier and Slower," Washington Post, 21 November 2001, p. A01.

Professional Memberships

American Historical Association
Organization of American Historians
Oral History Association